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How is a NUCCA St George Chiropractor Different?

Dr. Shane Preece and Dr. Scott Brady practice a very precise method of Chiropractic Treatment called NUCCA Chiropractic. The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association or ‘NUCCA’ is a highly specialized chiropractic technique based on the understanding of how the upper neck can impact spinal alignment, chronic pain, migraines, headaches and overall body balance. A “NUCCA” adjustment does not require any harsh movements or “popping”, instead the adjustment is made using a very precise movement of the atlas bone that controls how the spine aligns. Here is a brief video of Dr. Shane Preece St George Chiropractor performing a NUCCA Chiropractic Adjustment.

The ONLY St George Chiropractor licensed to treat the Whole Family!

Dr. Shane Preece is the only St George Chiropractor that is licensed to treat Expectant Mothers, New Born Babies, Children, Adolescents, and Adults! Trust the most certified and trained staff in St George for all your St George Chiropractor needs. It is common knowledge that chiropractic treatments are amongst the most common and popular form of relief from pain and headaches; However did you know that Chiropractic Treatments for Infants and Children can help development, and correct behavioral as well as bio-chemical problems? TruHealth is home to the Kids Chiro, but we love to help your whole family. We are the St George Chiropractor with Family plans that can help your entire family receive the benefits of Chiropractic Treatments for a fraction of the price of individual treatments. 

What is TruHealth St George?

St George Chiropractor

We strive to create the best St George Chiropractor experience. We have Chiropractic Doctors who specialize in both NUCCA or Upper Cervical Chiropractor technique, as well as Traditional St George Chiropractor adjustments. We can fix your back pain, get rid of headaches and help you live a better, healthier, and happier life!

A Better Pregnancy​

Did you know that Chiropractic Treatment during pregnancy can help you experience an easier delivery and a faster recovery? Dr. Preece is one of the only Chiropractors here in St George Utah that specializes in Prenatal chiropractic adjustments and Children specific adjustments. Dr. Preece has come to be known here as “The Kids Chiropractor”!

Massage Therapy​

Take your health care to the next level and help your NUCCA Adjustment by our St George Chiropractor last longer with a Massage from a Licensed Massage Therapist. When it comes to your Spine and Neck Alignment, we only use the best treatment methods, and   a proper Therapeutic Massage can help your body heal faster! 

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Southern Utah's Only Board Certified ICPA!

ICPA provides advanced training in chiropractic philosophy, science and art, offering certification through our training program. Our focus in teaching lies in covering all aspects of family well-being from conception, pregnancy, through the care of infants and children.

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Our St George Chiropractor Office has recently moved down-stairs form our old office to a larger location. This transition has allowed us to bring in another NUCCA St George Chiropractor, and expand the Functional Medicine Treatments that we can offer. We also have an in house Massage Therapist. Come on by and check out our new office!

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