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“A child’s first opportunity to receive a misalignment is when it is brought into this world.”

How Does Pediatric Chiropractic Work?

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Treatment Plan

We determine the steps needed to bring you to your desired level of wellness.

Improve Wellness

Following the prescribed Treatment Plan we achieve your health goals.

Pediatric Chiropractor St George Utah Can Help With:



Back Pain

Ear Infections

Developmental Delays


Bed Wetting



Pediatric Chiropractor St George Utah Pricing & Information

Treatment Child Price (w/ X-Rays, 7+ Yrs) Child Price (w/o X-Rays, 1-6 Yrs) Infant Price (No X-Ray, Birth - 1Yr)
Day 1 (Exam, Scan, Pre X-Rays) $220 $112 (Consult, No Adjustment) $40
Day 2 (Adjustment, Post X-Rays) $124 $40 $40
Office Visit (Adjustment) $60 $40 -
Progress Eval (Adjustment, X-Rays, Exam) $198 $90 $90

The above prices are used to create a custom treatment plan that will be divided into affordable, monthly payments. Treatment plan details are below.

Pediatric Chiropractor St George Utah Treatment Plan Details

Child Treatment Plan

Individualized Treatment Plan

$ 500 - 1600
Treatment Plan Price will be divided into Monthly Affordable Payments
  • Day 1: Exam, Scan, Pre X-Rays
  • Day 2: Adjustment, Post X-Rays
  • Prescribed Treatment Schedule
Child Plan
*Price ranges are based on the pricing table above.

Postural Assessment Stage:

Prior to beginning treatment or care, and at the beginning of each regular visit: Your posture is evaluated and weight distribution is measured. These are signs that you have a misalignment.

Following postural assessment, precision x-rays will be taken to confirm if you indeed have a misalignment. This also rules out other more serious conditions.  After the X-rays are taken, the Doctor will begin the Diagnosis on the condition and type of adjustment you will require for correction.

Diagnose & Care Plan:

Following a postural assessment and x-ray diagnosis, we will discuss a treatment plan tailored to your correction needs. The Doctor will construct an individualized care plan and treatment time. The cost of the care plan once agreed upon will be divided into monthly payments covering the length of treatment.

Misalignment Correction:

During your second visit, the doctor will perform the first treatment – or NUCCA Adjustment. Using precision positioning and a gentle, pressure, the doctor will adjust your upper cervical area and reposition your spine into a more ideal position.

The effects of the treatment will be discussed and addressed at this time. As each individual and type of misalignment correction will have different effects as the body corrects and heals.

Adjustment Confirmation X-Rays Stage:

On your second visit, and after the initial NUCCA Adjustment, post-adjustment x-rays will be taken to provide information about how your body responded to the adjustment. These post-X-rays will also tell us whether any fine-tuning is needed in future adjustments.

Maintain Correction Stage:

Your next office will begin the follow up visits and corrections that will be agreed upon and outlined in your NUCCA Care Plan. As previously mentioned, the prescribed Care Plan will be determined by the individual needs of the patient and the cost will be divided into monthly payments over the treatment period.

Our goal is to get you body to maintain a correction as long as possible. Over time, adjustments will hold for longer periods of time allowing our patients to be seen less and less with for future adjustments.

Once your NUCCA Care Plan has been completed, if your individual need requires further treatment to maintain spinal correction, one of our Annual Family Wellness Care Plans can be discussed with the doctor.

In your progress evaluations, TruHealth Chiropractor St George Utah will perform an examination and run X-Rays to see how the adjustments have made progress and affected your overall wellness.

Does My Child Need A Chiropractor?

Some of the most common childhood ailments can be helped with a gentle & precise pediatric chiropractic adjustment plan.

Pediatric or Child Chiropractic requires a special technique that should only be performed by an IPCA Certified Child Chiropractor. Dr. Shane Preece is the ONLY ICPA Board Certified Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor in Southern Utah!

TruHealth Family Wellness Maintenance Plan

A Maintenance Plan can be applied once your health goal has been achieved and you want to maintain optimal health.

Plan Includes 1 Person 2 People 3 People 4 People 5+ People
15 Adjustments/Person, X-Rays, Exams $69/Mo $118/Mo $138/Mo $153/Mo $163 + $10/person/mo

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