Prenatal Chiropractor St George Utah

Over time, how you carry weight during your pregnancy prepares and shapes your body for the birthing process. 

An aligned pelvis makes all the difference.

How Does Prenatal Chiropractic Work?

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Following the prescribed Treatment Plan we achieve your health goals.

What makes prenatal chiropractic different?

Prenatal Chiropractor St George Utah differs from both NUCCA and Typical Chiropractic adjustments. When adjusting, there is a certain technique that must be used to insure the safety and wellbeing of both the mother and the unborn baby.

The Webster Technique is the approved certified technique with the goal of reducing the effects of sacral subluxation. This helps the neuro-biochemical functions of the pelvis.

Faster Birth Times

Easier Birth

Reduced Back Pain

Headache Releif

Round Ligament Pain Reduction

Pubic Bone Relief

Restless Leg Easement

Reduced Sciatica

What makes us different from other chiropractic practices?

Dr Shane Preece is the ONLY ICPA Board Certified Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor in Southern Utah! The Webster Technique is Certified, Specific and Gentle – No twisting, popping, or cracking!

After your initial visit, the Doctor will create a treatment plan tailored to your body, needs, and pregnancy. The treatment plan will be agreed upon with you and then split into payments over the life of the treatment plan. Once your treatment plan is complete, TruHealth offers a special treatment plan that will cover adjustments for you and your new born baby for the first year.

Prenatal Chiropractor St George Utah Pricing & Information

Treatment During Pregnancy Cost
Day 1 (Exam, Consult, Adjustment) $172
Day 2 (Adjustment) $60
Office Visit (Adjustment) $60
Progress Eval (Exam, Adjustment) $110

The above prices are used to create a custom treatment plan that will be divided into affordable, monthly payments. Treatment plan details are below.

Prenatal Chiropractor St George Utah Treatment Plan Details

Prenatal Treatment Plan

Individualized Treatment Plan

$ 200
Per Month
  • Day 1: Exam, Consult, Adjustment
  • Day 2: Adjustment
  • Office Visits: Adjustments
  • Prescribed Treatment Schedule
Prenatal Plan
*Price ranges are based on the pricing table above.

Prenatal Chiropractor St George Utah Can Help With:

A Webster-Technique-aligned pelvis can make all the difference in the world during pregnancy. There are three goals we have with every prenatal patient receiving the Webster Technique:


With an aligned pelvis, there is a decrease in the chance of dystocia by making sure the pelvic outlet is aligned.


A properly aligned pelvis allows for the baby to achieve the optimal birthing position.


Alignment creates better body to brain communication allowing for increased coordination and muscle contraction.

TruHealth Mom & Baby Year Treatment Plan

This treatment plan is for after the baby is born to ensure that both Mom & Baby are happy and healthy.
1-Year Plan Includes Mom & Baby
15 Adjustments for Mom
Unlimited Adjustments for Baby

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