Gail Woodbury

St George Chiropractor

Office / Patient

Treatment – Coordinator

Combine a desire for wellness with a passion for her family and the love of adventure and you get… Gail Woodbury.

Gail is the Rockstar, Git’r Done, Office Manager that makes TruHealth feel like home. She is the master at keeping everything organized and running smoothly in our office. (and we mean, EVERYTHING)


Gail has an extremely welcoming personality and a unique talent for making friends that creates a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who steps through our door. If you’ve been to our office and met Gail, then you know exactly what we mean. 😉 If you haven’t yet, then you’re missing out!


Throughout her career, Gail has been instrumental in the success of several companies around the world including Pisa Italy, Lompoc California, and now St. George Utah

Gail is a dedicated wife and a mother to three brilliant kids. She brings a level of understanding and dedication to our office that keeps us running like a well oiled machine!