Nutrigenetics St George Utah

What is Nutrigenetics?

Finally, a solution for those who want more than a DNA test and “one size fits all” nutrition! Your DNA is the authority to your body’s needs and Nutrigenetics gives your body a voice. …

Nutritional Genomics, also known as Nutrigenomics, or Nutrigenetics, is a science studying the relationship between human genome, nutrition and health. 

DNA variants are more common than we realize: 

•More than 75% of all patients have significant genetic weaknesses (SNPs- Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) in the most important nutritional metabolism pathways. 

•Millions of people expend their valuable income on nutritional supplements without knowledge or scientific proof of nutritional need or benefit.

•Without DNA validation of how our bodies are functioning, many supplements are not effectively delivered at the cellular level, therefore, people can be wasting time and money with nutritional ingredients that have little to no benefit.

With a simple cheek swab, we can now analyze and interpret your genetic profile based on your biochemistry and recommend proper nutritional supplementation, nutrition, and lifestyle guidance personalized to YOU!

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Nutrigenetics overall goal Is to provide:

The Right Supplements in The Right Amount

Some supplements are necessary to maintain optimal health, but knowing the exact supplements and the exact quantity you specifically need is pivotal in achieving optimal health.

The Right Indications for the Right Patient

The treatment and prevention of disease has reached a new and exciting level with the comprehensive DNA panels, Jen can identify specific indicators that when treated properly can help your body heal and function at its best.

All at the Right Time

Putting together the right treatments with the right indications in a patient in the past has been a lot of assumptions and trial and error. With the Genetic labs that Jen has access to, she can implement treatment plans with a more exactness.

Our very own, Jen Myers, has formulated genetic panels and nutritional supplements to help provide the upmost in care to our patients and to help redefine targeted nutritional recommendations for every patient.

Why Nutrigenetics Treatment?

What makes TruHealth Nutrigenetics Better?

Genomic Testing along with DNA and nutritional treatments.

Jen Myers individualizes Nutrigenomic treatments specifically designed around your genetic code and nutritional needs.

The health benefits of nutrigenetics and a specific nutrient combination depend on genetic variants that can alter the nutrient absorption and your bodies metabolism of those nutrients .

How do I get Started with Nutrigenetics?

Set a quick and easy consultation with Jen Myers P.H.D.

She will take a sample of your DNA and process the sample in the DNA Lab. We will call you with a follow up and the results of your Labs and Genetic Code.

Together with you, Jen will develop a Nutrient Specific Genomic plan.

With your genetic data, Jen can work with you to develop a plan to get the nutrients and supplements that will get your body the best nutritional results.

Work with Jen to follow your plan and enjoy a healthier life!

Our ultimate goal at TruHelath is to have our patients recieve the most cutting edge treatments ot help you live the heathiest life possible!

Am I a good candidate for Genomic Testing?

The best way to determine if Genetic or Genomic Treatments is a possibility for you is to schedule a 15 Min Consultation with Jen Myers DNM. DACM. PHD.

Get started today with a Consultation with Jen Myers.