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Functional Medicine is the combination of Western and Eastern Medicine, encompassing a full holistic look at the body rather than tying to treat a single symptom.

How Does Functional Medicine in St George Utah Work?

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Treatment Plan

We determine the steps needed to get your health to the optimal level of wellness.

Improve Wellness

Following the outlined Treatment Plan you can achieve optimal health and wellness.

What makes TruHealth Functional Medicine St George Utah Better?

Genomic Testing along with DNA and genomic treatments.

Functional Medicine St George Utah offers a methodology for addressing the root cause of chronic disease so patients can get well and stay well. Functional Medicine Is Health Oriented, Not Disease Oriented.

1: Address the root cause and habits creating chronic disease.

2: Structure a treatment plan to get you well.

3: Continue the best genetic treatments to stay well.

Function Medicine St George Utah Pricing & Information

Treatment Adult Price Child Price
Day 1 (Exam, Consultation, Tests) $199 $199
Day 2 (Diagnosis, Treatment Options) $330 $330
Office Visit (Treatment) $165 $165

The Above Prices are used to create a custom Treatment Plan that will be divided into affordable monthly payments. Treatment Plan Details are Below.

Functional Medicine St George Utah Treatment Plan Details

Treatment Plan

Individualized Treatment Plan

$ 2000 - 4000
Treatment Plan Price will be divided into Monthly Affordable Payments
  • Day 1: Exam, Consultation, Tests
  • Day 2: Diagnosis and Treatment Options
  • Prescribed Treatment Schedule
*Price ranges are based on the pricing table above.

Functional Medicine St George UtahConsultation and Exam:

Prior to beginning treatment or care, we have to, of course, discover the underlying issues that are causing the symptoms of unhealthiness. This is one of the biggest differences with a Functional Medicine approach, we are not looking for a “diagnosis” to which a “pill” can be prescribed — no, we are looking to treat and correct the issues and behaviors that are affecting the health of the body. In most instances, during this visit bloodwork and or genetic testing will take place.

Diagnose & Care Plan:

Following your assessment and diagnosis, we will discuss a treatment plan tailored to your individual health needs. Our Medical Professionals will construct an individualized care plan and treatment time. The cost of the care plan will be divided into monthly payments covering the length of treatment.

Functional Medicine St George Utah


Treatment Options:

During your second visit, the doctor and medical professionals will discuss treatment options with you. These treatments are individualized to each person and will vary, but can include Acupuncture, Genetics, Supplements, Diet and Behavioral Changes as well as Chiropractic treatments.

Maintain Health Stage:

 As previously mentioned, the prescribed Care Plan will be determined by the individual needs of the patient and the cost will be divided into monthly payments over the treatment period.

Our goal is to get your body to maintain its healthiest state for as long as possible. Over time, treatments may vary and change, but your health will increase.

Once your Health Treatment Plan has been completed, if your individual need requires further treatment to maintain optimal Health and Wellness, a maintenance plan may be discussed. 

In your progress evaluations, we will perform an examination to see how the treatments have made a change and affected your overall health and wellness.

"Finally a Medical Plan with a Patient Centered, Scientifically Integrated that's True Health "

Although its concepts are not new, a Functional Medical approach is revolutionary. Functional Medicine is the future of medicine…

Functional Medicine promotes wellness and helps both prevent & treat chronic disease, the biggest health problem we face today!

Jen Myers individualizes functional medicine treatments specifically designed around your genetic code.

When someone becomes sick, they rarely do so in a way that completely matches the textbooks. Rather than trying to find the proper label for the person’s health condition, Functional Medicine identifies its complex mix of causes. For treatment, Functional Medicine utilizes the latest research findings on supplements, diet and other natural tools for restoring balance in the body’s primary physiological processes. 

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