Functional Medicine St George Utah

Although its concepts are not new, a Functional Medical approach is revolutionary. Functional Medicine is the future of medicine.

How Does Functional Medicine Work?

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Treatment Plan

We address the root cause and habits creating chronic disease and determine a course of action.

Improve Wellness

Following the prescribed Treatment Plan we achieve your health goals.

Functional Medicine Pricing & Information

Adult Pricing
Child Pricing

Treatment Plan

Individualized Treatment Plan

$ 1500 - 2500
Treatment Plan Price will be divided into Monthly Affordable Payments
  • Day 1: Exam, Scan, Pre X-Rays
  • Day 2: Adjustment, Post X-Rays
  • Prescribed Treatment Schedule
Adult Plan
*Price ranges are based on the pricing table to the right.
Treatment Adult Price Child Price
Day 1 $199 $199
Day 2 $330 $330
Office Visit $165 $165

Functional Medicine Long-Term Treatment Plan

After you have gone through your full functional medicine treatment plan, it is important that you continue to monitor and improve on the results of the process.

Plan Includes 1 Person 2 People 3 People 4 People 5+ People
15 Adjustments/Person, X-Rays, Exams $69/Mo $118/Mo $138/Mo $153/Mo $163 + $10/person/mo

What makes TruHealth Functional Medicine Better?

Genomic Testing along with DNA and genomic treatments.

Jen Myers individualizes functional medicine treatments specifically designed around your genetic code.

Health Benifits of NUCCA Chiropractic St George Utah

When the Spine is Misaligned:

After Upper Cervical Correction:

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